Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cookie Cookie Cookie Starts With "C"

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This IS my life.

Does it ruin it for a 3-year-old to explain puppets and muppets? Can we preserve the magic with all of these explanations?

I guess I could assume the puppeteer's feet are Cookie Monster's own...but then Henry would want to know exactly what KIND of shoes was s/he wearing so then he could ask for that exact pair too.


Joyce said...

Elmo's a muppet, and he has feet. Are you saying Cookie Monster's a puppet? Do we really never see Cookie Monster's feet? I know I've seen Bert's feet too. Am I really this unobservant?

Let's go with more cookies. I love cookie monster. Almost as much as Ernie. Whose feet, incidentally, I don't remember.

I, Mollie said...

Hmmmm...all good points, Joyce.
Does Jabba the Hut have feet? That's how I imagine Cookie to look if we got to have a full view. Gross.
Have you seen the new campaign that "Cookies are a Sometimes Food"?

Joyce said...


Here you go

Why am I doing this? Could it be that muppet feet and the musings of a 3-year old are more interesting than grading? Nah. Impossible.

natalie said...

I had the same debate with my mother as a child. She explained that the muppets/puppets don't have feet. I gleefully proved her wrong when I saw the episode where Bert does the "coo-coo Pigeon" on the wall.

leta joy said...

It's the cameraman's fault. He was sleeping on the job again (hungover again) and took one too many tight shots of Cookie. Cookie was pissed that he never got any full body shots and ratted the cameraman out to the producer, who promptly fired the cameraman. He now spends his days drinking stale beer at a bar on 51st street.

I, Mollie said...

Very important issues guys...what did we DO with all our time before kids?