Thursday, November 08, 2007


So the marketing geniuses out there have figured out that October and November are the months to flood mailboxes with catalogs of children's toys. We have a little door in the foyer that Henry and Svea can open and gather the mail each day. They also love to hide toys in there.
Henry carries around a catalog until the stapled binding tears and he has to move on to drool over other toys in other catalogs. He has found one though that has football, soccer AND baseball board games. And he really wants one.

This has begun many discussions about saving your money, earning some money, using your own money, waiting for Christmas, asking for presents from people, how iHusband was kinda EXACTLY like this at Henry's age, etc.

When we got to the part about Henry saving his change in his baseball coin bank he ran and got the bank and poured all the coins on the open catalog to "buy" the game he wanted. I obviously was not explaining myself well.

I suggested that maybe he could do some things to help Mommy and Daddy and that he would get paid for the "chores" he did.
To this he exclaimed, "Mommy, I already DO chores!"
(You can see where this is going)
So I asked, "what chores do you do, Henry?"
Obviously, he answered, "FOOTBALL IS A CHORE."

Who knew.

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Leta said...

I think YOU should get paid for playing football with him.