Sunday, May 04, 2008

"A House Divided"

About a month ago, Henry found his Auburn Tigers hat, paper and markers and sat down to work. I was seriously proud of the penmanship and didn't think about the content.

I, Husband, on the other hand, only considered the content.
Which is why he went to the easel and drew out the script A for Henry to color in.

Now it's the only thing he will color.

When we went to the AU vs. AL game last year, I saw many tailgaters with red and white and orange and blue signs with banners shouting, "A House Divided!"
I felt so sad for them.

Maybe I should get a new hobby to get me through this fall...


Carroll said...

I think you should get busy on sewing a flag with both logos on it. And then make outfit for the young 'uns that say War Tide. That should be your new hobby...making House Divided themed stuff. :)

pops said...

Content passes; process endures. Got to love it.

Brad said...

Listen to your daughter. "Tuscaloosa runnin' thangz!"