Saturday, May 24, 2008


We tried to go to the zoo the other morning, and as we walked out of the back door to load our picnic and stroller and sunscreen into the car, it started raining.
I guess I should have checked a few things first.

So we redirected to the mall for a little playground action, and then to Hobby Lobby for rubber stamps.

As long as we keep moving, I don't think Svea and Henry even care about the schedule or routine.
Wish I didn't...

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pops said...

Something tells me it's all happenin'at the zoo
i do believe it,
i do believe it's true.
Um um ummmmmm
um um ummmmm
whoa whoa whoa whoa
um um ummmmm
....the monkeys stand for honesty
giraffes are insincere
elephants are kindly but they're dumb
orangatangs are skeptical
of changes in their cages
and the zoo keeper is very fond or rum, um umm. ....

a little paul simon for redirected days. love you.