Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Name That Film

All of life is a stage around here. Or TV screen.

Can you name these movies?

Svea: (While Henry helps her get into the car) Give me your hand, Henry.
Henry: No! First give me the LAMP!

Henry: (To me, first thing in the morning. Then all morning long...). Mom, YOU"RE the one getting fancy with the spices! (then he goes into full-bodied noodle dance).

Svea: (At lunch) Mom, is this a dinglehopper for my hair?

Henry and Svea: (After every bite from a spoon) Mmmmmmmm! Rrrrrrrum punch!

Henry and Svea: It's the BARE necessities, the simple bare neCESSities, forget about your worry and your striiiiiffffe!


Leta J said...

I only know 2 out of 5. Does that mean I'm really lame or still kind of cool? Wait, I wasn't cool to begin with...

Anonymous said...

I agree I only know 2....Ratatouille and Jungle Book. A little help with the others??
:) Stacy

A.M. said...

I only have 3 (#s 1, 3, 5). But have not stopped laughing about #1 - that is so hilarious and priceless! Did you fall over?

Cuz said...

5/5...I'm a big dork.

iHusband said...

1. Saw IV
2. The Graduate
3. Back to the Future
4. Darren's Dance Grooves
5. Saw IV