Monday, May 12, 2008


We've had another photography workshop here in Evansville.

The first one we had involved the architectural design principles Prospect, Refuge, Enticement, Peril and Complex Order.
This second one came from the Greek word "horao."

Horao means "to see" but can also be translated into English as to perceive, to understand, to recognize and to experience. Each of the participating photographers took a picture to represent perceive, understand, recognize and experience. They brought those four photos to the Critique and then the group chose two for the Show.

The Critique was a Saturday night armchair artist fest:

And two weeks later we had the Show:

At the previous Show, everyone had to wear black. At this one, however, everyone had to wear a white shirt and some form of eyewear.

Most everyone was a good sport about that.

Wine and cheese were served, children were welcomed and mostly watched Wallace and Gromit and Mary Poppins.

Overall, a total success.

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A.M. said...

oh wow - that looks so great! wish i could have been there. all of the pictures were so wonderful and intriguing! you're such a great organizer and creative inspirer! love it.