Saturday, May 24, 2008

On Today

What Worked Today:

* Henry's tree-climbing Skills.
* My parenting.
* The weather - it didn't rain until we got home from climbing trees.
* Crumbling dried habanero peppers from Seton Harvest in my black bean soup.
* My first ever attempt at meringue.
* A trip to the library where the kids wanted to actually check out books. At the library. And read them together and then take them home. And read them again. Heavens.
* A trip to Rural King for (free) popcorn and then using the Rural King cart (loaded with 2 kids and 2 bags of popcorn) to go through Buy Low to get groceries so I could just park once and walk through a few bumpy parking lots.
* My deodorant.

What Did Not Work Today:

* Svea's tree-climbing skills.
* My parenting.
* The appropriateness of our grocery store conversation. Yes, I'm pretty sure Mickey's dog Pluto has a penis and that he is a boy.
* Mortar on bricks I am trying to repair in the back yard.
* Henry's nap time involving sleep...for the 4th day in a row.

I'm so glad the list of What Worked is longer...


Leta said...

Let's hear it for convo's about Pluto's boy parts. You can never really have too many of those, can you? Talking about breast milk at our house...

pops said...

It's all relative. Love you.

lisa said...

you are the best sport I know!
just remember the "good" list is always longer.