Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Does The Tooth Fairy Bite?

Last night Henry went to bed with a very wobbly tooth and asked me if the Tooth Fairy was coming tonight.
I said No, not tonight.
So he said he didn't want her to come in his room because she was going to bite him.
Made sense to me.

Then this morning, it was even more wobbly and while eating his cereal, I heard him make a spitting noise then the tinkle of his tooth hitting the floor.

I'm not sure I had imagined that he would lose his first tooth by spitting it out.

He was so excited though and got a special certificate at school and everything.

Svea, for her part, threw up in the kitchen before breakfast and then wanted a quesadilla.

Big day in our house.


carroll lane said...

gee. that does sound like a GREAT day! What is GREAT looking is that pillow in the background! The blue with the anna marie horner fabric? is that a recent project? is it indeed a pillow? do share!

I, Mollie said...

Anna Maria Horner, indeed! i got Mer a bag of AM's scrap fabrics for Christmas and she made me the pillow. Isn't it great?!?
I probably would have gone "Tea Cozy" with it, so I'm really glad she made me the pillow.
I definitely recommend the scrap bag, but please send me pics of what you make with it. i would love to see.

leta joy said...

A tooth and a puke all in the same morning, that IS a big day! Tell Henry congrats from us. We're old pro's now, I guess. Arwyn has lost 2. Hope Svea is ok!

stacy said...

How exciting! Wow---I didn't know they came out this early! What does Henry say the tooth fairy does with all the teeth she collects?

ella ellis said...

such a handsome boy!
such an eventful day!

I, Mollie said...

it WAS eventful and I didn't know they came out this early either! Hooray for new days and Tooth Fairies who don't bite.