Thursday, April 30, 2009

Okagesama de Joyce

1. For a somewhat newly discovered obsession hobby, that brings me joy.

2. For a life so blessed that my sleepless nights were spent stressing over whether I had enough yarn to finish the sweater.

3. For an outlet and distraction in the moments when life doesn’t feel so blessed.

4. For an internet community that came through when I indeed ran out of yarn.

5. For friends to sit and chat and knit and vent with.

6. For being in the position to knit this sweater in the first place. This sweater was made for Warm Woolies, an organization that provides warm clothing for children living in orphanages in (among other places) Russia, Mongolia, China and Reservations in the United States.

7. For beautiful daughters who are (mostly) willing to model my creations.

8. For Someone who, despite my incompleteness and flaws (like that sweater) thinks I’m ok anyway.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Joyce, this is an awesome list (and awesome knitting too!)