Sunday, April 26, 2009

Okagesama de Mary

1. Colors,
When I was a little girl it seemed we were always in a place called
Huntsville Decorating. This pic is in Cabiness in Tuscaloosa - also a
small sort of local paint type place. I just love all the colors, and I
love that you can't seem to select, or choose, or really control much in
life, but by gosh thankfully one can pick one's own wall color!

2. Coffee Maker,
This is my new coffeemaker - it is more than any normal person would
ever want or need, but I am not normal when it comes to coffee. I look
forward to my morning coffee a little too much! This maker has a burr
grinder and a bean hopper! I need all the help I can get in the
mornings. So, I would say "thanks to you, o great coffeemaker, I'm

3. No H,
This is my gym - I had no idea I'd be thankful for a gym membership
one day, but I am. Long story. It's a super-friendly place and I just
love it there. I like this shot because the "H" just fell off. I also
like the old truck that happened to be in the pic. They don't make any
automobiles in that color anymore for sure!

4. Irises
Finally, I thank God for irises. To me they seem both delicate and
strong. I love them.

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