Friday, April 24, 2009

Nine Reasons You Should Have Dinner With Us

I am convinced that every human being, no matter the age, has a witching hour at some point in the day.

Since my two have given up their naps, the witching hour of 5p-7p has returned from the infant days. Here are some of the things we have been crying real tears about and yelling during that time frame:

1. I want to fly! (real tears on that one)

2. My hair hurts.

3. I can't walk anymore.

4. You are not my best friend.

5. I'm not inviting you to my birthday party.

6. Mom, you are giving me SUCH a headache. (for real?)

7. Go back to Time Out! (Svea, speaking to the kitchen towels as she shoves them back and forth on the towel rack)

8. I don't ever want to grow up because I love this Alabama football jersey! (Thank you, Anil, for the #8 Julio jersey)

9. I can't eat this because you put it on my plate upside down.

Seriously, people.

So here are some Easter pictures I just got developed from the film camera, in attempt to redeem ourselves.
These were taken NOT during the Witching Hour but during the sweet Before Chapel Hour when donuts are imminent:

Happy Season of Easter, people.


Brad said...

I miss them. I want to come over for dinner.

k said...

I find number 7 especially hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Oh you make me smile inside and out. I suspect all you can do is marvel at this time. You know it won't be this way forever. They are delicious and we would love to be there with you for dinner.

leta joy said...

I'm really not sure which is worse, the baby witching hour or the four year old witching hour. Sorry about the lack of naps. Don't you love the power you hold when donuts are the leverage?