Sunday, April 26, 2009

Okagesama de Mollie

Top left:
I, Husband scraped and painted this old iron glider that we inherited from my great-great-aunt. Once it was white, then teal, then red. Now its a perfect glossy grey. I love it.
More things I'm grateful for: red shoes, red helmets, warm weather to rock outside, and a sibling to lean against.

Top Right:
I am grateful for this tree that is on my route to Target and Barbara's house. It surprises me every time I come over the hill.

Bottom left:
Behind our house is a weird array of power lines and tree branches and it causes me constant worry. I feel bad for the trees that are groomed every year to make way for our I feel guilty in the backyard then come inside and turn on my computer that's connected to the Internet and blog about it? I've got some issues to work out.
In the picture, this chunk of tree got caught in the mix and has been suspended there for the 2 years we've lived in this house. It makes me tilt my head in surprise every time I notice it.

Bottom right:
Tulips. Of course I'm grateful for tulips. Even if I did end up with 80 bulbs from the preschool fundraiser I should have never committed to in the first place.

1. Kids and Glider,
2. Favorite Tree,
3. Balancing Log,
4. Tulips

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