Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Brigade

Hooray for TerraCycle and the CapriSun Brigade!

On the outside of the CapriSun box is information about a company called TerraCycle. They take rinsed-out CapriSun pouches and recycle them into backpacks, pencil holders, clipboards, etc. So cool. They even recycle oreo cookie package wrappers and old chip bags.
Again, so cool.

When we entered the soccer season last year, and started packing lunches and snacks for school, and CapriSuns began to litter our lives, TerraCycle came to the rescue!

What's even cooler than how already cool they are, they donate 2 cents to an organization you choose PER POUCH. I picked the default tree-hugger-love-the-earth organization they support, but hopefully can move my 2 cents to raise money for Henry's school.
Especially since his rocking kindergarten teacher is getting all the kids in his class to save their pouches every day and sends them home in a ziplock for me to rinse and mail in.

TerraCycle pays for the shipping and you mail them in once you have a hundred. Here's my envelope with 150 rinsed, flattened pouches. Yes, I am a recycling overachiever.


aunt merpha said...

150!!! wow!
i have some here for you...and i forgot to bring your cake pan too! sorry about that. just gotta get together again soon.
hope you have a good night - rest well.

The Moore Family said...

Savannah is in love with Capri Suns we need to gather them up and send them your way!!!! Together we can send them so many!!!

carroll lane said...

Love it! So cool...wouldn't have expected any less from you. Hope you all are doing well!!

I, Mollie said...

Ooo Amanda! Throw them in a ziplock bag for me and I'll cut and rinse them and send them in!
Love your profile pic too!

Ashley said...

mollie - thank you so much for posting this link! i am one of brian's old youth from tucker. i am now a science teacher, and because of you i joined the brigade and my students are helping us support this cause! thank you!! :)

I, Mollie said...

ashley - hooray for you and your class! i'm so glad you joined the brigade! thanks for commenting.