Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No School Yawl

When there is no school for whatever reason, sometimes I call my friend Stacy to see what's going on up in her 'hood.

Last Monday, I convinced Stacy to pack up her three kids and meet us at the park.

And it was awesome: weather, play, fun for all. We even had a whole conversation or two.

Henry needed some good tackling from Luke, Svea needed some good swinging and imaginary role play with Caleb.
And little Paul needed to fall down a lot.

That's Caleb, the tie-dye monkey.

And Paul after one of his many dives in a puddle.

And Svea and Caleb sharing the swing:

Thanks for a great play date Luke, Caleb and Paul! Best Monday yet in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Great pics, Mollie....though I wish there was one of you and your great touchdown! : )
We always love playing with you guys!
: ) SB

Babs said...

Tell Stacy that me and my kids are jealous of her and her kids. Looks like fun! (We had a snow make-up day last Monday, but hosted a play-date here in the AM)