Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spidey Skills

I started this blanket back in October for Henry for his Christmas blanket gift. I got the pattern from my friend Alex and want to recommend it to Stacy, but only after she completes her degree and get more than 5 hours of sleep at night.
I thought I could complete this web by Christmas Day...but it was more like A Little After Epiphany.

Henry decided it was fine as a blanket, but he would rather have it as a it's on his floor. Where he walks on it.
And plays knights and army and football games on it. I want to explain the intricacies of the crocheted chevron stitch in-the-round, but for some reason, he doesn't care about that.

Oh well. Go Spidey Blanket Rug! You are well-loved by my sweet Spidey son!


bp said...

ooooo my goodness, I am in awe!!! this is so cool! Is it hard?

aunt merpha said...

OMG!!! you have told me about this blanket and this is not at ALL what i pictured in my mind... it is a gillion times better! wow. i'm so impressed. as a rug, i think you can definitely see the intricacies and the love in each stitch - man, that is so great. youre the bomb. call me tomorrow.

I'm Alex...and "Chef Mom." said...


Will came down the stairs and saw my blog up on the computer. He said, "Mom, turn it back to my beautiful picture!" HIS beautiful picture is the background behind the title of your blog. When the computer is sitting idle, he likes your blog to be up.

Then they saw the spidey blanket... We love it! How hard was it, really?

Looks great,

Tom S. said...

Reminds me of playing violent games of one-on-one nerf basketball against my bro, day after day, right near Mom's china cabinet. Aren't boys awesome?

Beth said...

It turned out great! I'm so impressed.

I, Mollie said...

BP - no, especially for an advanced crochet-er like you, this is not hard at all. it does take a long time though. Alex - you could totally knock this out. it got to where i would just do one round a night before going to bed. then i wove in the black while watching "Julie and Julia" WHICH i highly recommend.

Tom, boys ARE awesome (especially yours - even if they didn't love the picture on my masthead! i love it!)
if you start a violent nerf game of anything in my house then you have to babysit for 73 hours in a row.