Monday, January 11, 2010

The Hair Milestone

We achieved another milestone tonight with Svea.

She allowed Henry to come in her room to play, so he proceeded to set up an elaborate football game with two football fields and knights guarding the sidelines as the referees. And Alabama blocked all of Auburn's field goals.

Letting Henry in to play was a clever distraction so that she could do her own thing, which turned out to be cutting her hair.

When they heard me walking towards the room to announce dinner, Henry started jumping up and down squealing, "Svea's cutting her hair! Svea's cutting her hair!"

There was a lot of hair on the floor, but only some chopped off the sides in the end. It could have been way worse.

If you think about it, I never told her not to cut her hair.
Nobody got hurt.

She cleaned it up and can no longer have scissors in her room.
It'll grow back.

It took 10 full minutes to brush the tangles out in the morning no matter what we sprayed or soaked it with, so now we have at least 7 of those minutes back.

She won't wear braids or ponytails anyway.

In the big scheme of things, it's just hair.

(Svea was sitting on a stool for her haircut and after it was all over Henry realized she was done, so that meant he was done letting her borrow it from his room. He manipulated her off of it so she was crying and so Henry had to go straight to bed and when hugging me good night he said that really Aunt Beth was his Best Girl, not me, and that I needed to go tell her that SHE was his best friend, not Mommy. Seriously? Got that, Aunt Beth? You get the next 2,985 bedtimes. I am done with this day.)


Beth said...

Sounds like an eventful day...hope today is a little less stressful for you. Please tell Svea that her stunt gave me quite a laugh and in the end her new haircut is precious, but I'll definitely miss attempting to braid her hair. And please tell Henry that sometimes Best Girls aren't everything they're cracked up to be and I'd be over the moon just to be his Best Aunt in NYC. Oh, and you can sign me up for bedtime duty any day! :)

Rachel said...

Oh the things I have to look forward to when my sweet little one grows up!