Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Bunk Beds!

We dusted off Uncle Brad's old bunk beds, added some bolts, and voila - Henry has a new room!
Here he is, "patiently" waiting and trying not to get in the way before he could "help." Some of those pieces were heavy...

He cleaned it all up once we got the big stuff in place. This boy is one who loves order...even his race cars were strategically positioned for take off on his shelf.
He didn't want to lie down for a pose since the bottom bunk is for daytime rest, and the top bunk, for nighttime. And those sheets were still in the dryer. So many rules...

And here's Svea, a little cheesy for the camera and ultimately dissatisfied with her room since Henry got new beds. We rearranged her furniture and cleaned up the next day and that seemed acceptable to her.
She loves it when I clean her room because she is NOT one to love order if it means she has to participate. She is very gifted in getting all of the toys out and around the house - even in the lamps. Or in shoes. Plants. Bedside tables are her favorite.

Maybe I should let it go and give in to living in a museum of tacky plastic objects.


Terri said...

I just looked at one of the pics bigger so I could read iHusband's shirt. I am still LOL.

I, Mollie said...

Isn't that a great t-shirt?!?
I found that for him one year at Target for Valentine's Day.