Monday, August 08, 2011

30 Days...

It's awesome.
I can't stop saying awesome.

So I wrote one of my sisters-in-law and told her she HAD to do this with me. Her pics will be posted on her blog here.

So now I'm thinking of so many people I want to tell you HAVE to do this with me (even if you don't have a blog , you can upload to Facebook, or just email the pics).
So...Meredith, Mom, Neda, Bess, Angela, Denise, John, Barbara, Carroll Lane, Amanda, Michele, Terri, Joyce, Theresa, Stephanie, Julie, Jennifer, Trista, Emily, Eve, Michelle, Liz, Alicia, Annette, Rachel, Rachael, Stacy, Amanda, Catherine, Jennie, Jesika, Heidi, Angela, Kristen, Sylvia, Cheryl, Katie, Kimberly, Mary, Darcey, Dianne, Amy, Maryclare, Lauren, Alex, Amy, Carole, Cathy, Christeen, Mimi - WHADDYASAY?
Let's get started!

After many attempts today at a self portrait, I resorted to hilarious time on the couch with Svea and Henry tonight as we took distorted pictures of ourselves in Photo Booth.

Here's my final self portrait, with a little twist:

Here are some of Henry and Svea's self portraits:

And Henry lost a tooth today while eating lunch! Can you tell?

Looking forward to tomorrow...for "What I Wore."


Terri said...

LOVE the self portrait(s)! Awesome! I'm in at . I've been looking for a fun use for some great iPhone photo apps...this is perfect!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited and will be dong this!!!! Love it!!!


Christeen said...

its awesome. i am so goin to do it also :)

carroll lane said...

Great idea! I've been a blog bum this summer but need to get rejuvied about it so this is perfect. Of course I check your blog! Tried to elave a comment last week about the Father's Day gift but ol' blogger wouldn't let me. Hope you all are well - hugs to your precious family!

Amanda said...

I'm in for the fun