Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 14: Flowers

I'm short on flowers.
Unless I purchase them.

But here is a view of my garden on a cliff. There were a few flowers before the cucumbers became cucumbers...and the squash were nothing but flowers and never fruited.
That hydrangea in the foreground rose in foliage up to my shoulder...but took the year off from producing blooms. Bummer.
The cherry tomatoes and Big Boys were dee-lish once they got going.

Next weekend, we'll rework the compost in and get ready to plant some lettuce and cauliflower.
Hooray for geeking out over vegetable gardens!

Oh - and to be more of a geek:
You see that birdhouse on the corner of the cinderblock rectangle? I put that there with sunflower seeds in it so the birds would eat them (the squirrels couldn't jump to it, you see) and then the birds would "pass" most of the seed into the compost pile at the bottom of that bird feeder. Once the seed passes through the bird (which has no sphincter and is why it poops wherever whenever - like on your arm when you are closing the car door) and lands in fertile soil, it is more ready to begin its growth into a flower. So cool, hunh?

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