Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 10: Something I Made

I cut out a bunch of monster softies out of felt and fleece the other night and they are coming along slowly.
Booger happened so fast...

These two have faces and stuffing so far.
They need something though...any suggestions?

And they need names...any suggestions?


Terri said...

The plaid one should be Duncan McTartan (Scottish with that plaid).

Vicki said...

I am thinking hair and/or tongues. A solid color patch on the plaid. I like Terri's name suggestion for this one.

How about Tia for the purple on for tiny tiara. (I originally thought TiTi but I remembered that is an actual word in the south) Ohhhh, some jewels perhaps?

Bobbie said...

They need some little dangly thangs across their bottoms.:)