Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 4: Favorite Color

So my all-time favorite color is red.

I even wanted a red wedding dress. That got veto-ed, so now my thoughtful mother-in-law gives me a gift each Christmas that is the color red. Hat, scarf, earrings, tea pot, butter dish, etc.
I love these red things because she remembers what I wanted...even though it might not have been something she would have chosen...
That's love.

But in the past few years - really, since I had Svea 6 years ago - I have loved colors that seemingly don't match. I type "seemingly" because you don't think they should match but when you see them together, suddenly you hear choirs of angels singing, your internal organs reorganize, and you realize the day is going to be okay.

No one does this better that Anna Maria Horner.

Here are some of her scrap fabrics that my sister made into a pillow for me and a ball for Corinne. When I need a favorite color nowadays, I go to her eclectic, mismatched palette and soak it all in.

It feels so good.


Chris said...

Isn't this day 4? But I like your choice of color. Indians love red color like the 'red tent'...

Terri said...

I love your description of how the colors make you feel (you hear the choirs of angels singing...). It reminds me of the visualization in Ratatouille of how things tasted. I LOVE THAT!