Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 20: What I Read

I rely on context to let me know if it's "what I read" in the past tense, or "what I read," like, right now.

So I've read a lot of things. Past and present.

On a daily basis I read the following:
- my text messages (kinda. when I can figure them out. some get hidden.)
- my kids' minds
- my husband's calendar
- the clock

The books I'm working through are as follows:

My sister lent me this book and I am reading it so slowly because I do not want it to end. Neda, have you read this???

Neda gave me my very own copy. I read a chapter and am paralyzed. Once that paralysis wears off, I analyze my groceries and read another chapter. Paralyzed again. It's going on 2 years of trying to finish this book. I chew on every word. Literally. I need to finish it so I can start In Defense of Food.

I'm underlining the stew out of this one. Mer, you need to read and get back to me ASAP. All you other parents out there, would love some input too. Lauren R. and Lauren S. - that means YOU.

Simply In Season was a gift from Barbara and sometimes I take it to bed with me to study which veggies are coming up with which season. Thank you Barbara! That kale and potato soup is rocking my world.

Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life on recommendation from my friend Kimberly. I am loving it and have recommended it 2 times already this week (that's YOU, Meredith and Alicia.)

Is it possible for me to have a post and not include Anna Maria Horner, the ultimate muse? My sister lent me her copy and I am working my way through it, learning things I wish I had known years ago...thank you Mer and AMH!

Off to read, yawl...

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