Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Just Can't Stay Away

Henry has now invited some friends into his obsession with the baseball stadium ramps. Complete with beads for Mardi Gras and an african t-shirt from his Pops, we spent about an hour yesterday running up and down the ramps. Let me introduce you:

This is Arwyn Dae Horstman, the lone female friend in this play group. Not to worry - she can definitely hold her own with the boys.

This is Calvin Rhodes Josenhans, new to Evansville with musical parents and a little sibling on the way. Henry calls him Cal-noo.

This is Rafe Erik Nelson, also new to Evansville and the youngest of the group. Rafe can eat more food than any child I've seen and has awesome toys (including one of those Clip-Clop horses on springs in his bedroom.)

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