Monday, March 13, 2006

The Evolution of Our Day

This may be a long entry. So go get your drink or whatever because these kids are so cute.
We just got back from a whirlwind week that began and ended in Decatur, AL with a sandwiched trip to Birmingham in the middle. We are tired, but so so happy.

Henry is in a Happy Phase that makes our food taste better, our beds more comfy and our laughs deeper in our chests. Henry cooperates without asking and is sweet to Svea and is an atypical almost-two-year-old and I LOVE IT. Not only do I love it, I feel like I EARNED IT. So I'm cashing it all in this week when he hugs me for no reason and gets in his car seat without my knee having to shove him back into the sitting position so I can quick buckle the straps.

This morning, Henry drank from a hippo's tail. He calls it his "hippo-onamous" and pointed to his name that is written on the lid and named the letters. Granted, he was holding it upside down and he only got 3 of the letters right, but he's NOT EVEN TWO and he already knows how to find a hippo's rear and drink successfully from it. Skills, is all I've got to say.

Then we went to the Health Department to get Svea's immunizations and she did not even cry when she got the shots. Wonder Baby. Her legs may be a little sore tonight, but you wouldn't know it by the way she was acting after supper.

After lunch and naps (which coordinated today - hear the angels sing), we went to the zoo.
Henry ran the entire time until he stopped to point to the rhino:

and then Svea pointed to make sure I had seen it:

and then Henry stopped to feel the wind:

and then crawled into the stroller ON HIS OWN and didn't fuss when I headed to the car. He simply pointed to the lion on the coke machine and said, "LionTTT." Then he said, "Bye-bye zoo." Again, hear the angels sing.

Tonight after supper, Svea was playing with her water mat on a blanket and Henry decided to have yet another sweet moment and join his sister. When I asked him if he could give his sister a kiss, I think he heard me say "hickey" but I'm not sure. Luckily Svea's reflexes were not affected by her shots this morning.

It took Henry a long time to finish his supper tonight. He ate the first half before the water mat playdate with Svea. Then the second half he kept in his mouth for 20 minutes. So I told him that I would give him a Danimals yogurt with a straw if he would swallow his last bite of food. So he holed up in Brian's chair - horizontal to state his intention of sitting ALONE - and chewed for another 10 minutes. Whatever. Then he drank all the yogurt without ever removing his lips from his bendy straw.

After his bath, he crawled into his new choo-choo train sheets and went to bed on his own, without a peep. Magical. Angels singing everywhere.

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