Monday, March 27, 2006

harper holder

Last week, we had the best visit with our cousins the Harper Holders.

Graham, who is almost 5, really loved Henry's pedal tractor and his new basketball goal.

Carter loved holding Svea and eating popcorn while we gawked at American Idol.

Reggie loved learning about Indiana and various spots unique to Evansville. Hmmm. I think Reggie may be happy anywhere if he finds this place interesting. Even though we aren't blood, I'm really hoping my kids have some of him in them.

Kristin got some good floor time with my kids, took great pictures, and even got a Sudoku or two done.
I loved them being here so much that I was grumpy when they left.

When Graham and Carter were appropriately dressed in their superhero pajamas, they posed with Svea and Henry who were stunned at their agility and strength.

They also brought some new toys for Henry, one of which was a box full of stacking blocks. I thought we were going to have to change Henry's diaper he was loving them so much.

The Harper Holders also brought a birthday gift for Henry from his Auntie PP and Moo Moo (Angela and Bess) and he has rarely taken it off. He wore it all day at "school" on Thursday and to church this Sunday. Ribbet.

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