Saturday, March 25, 2006

Ngongaa Party

We are emerging from our post-two-year-old-birthday-party afternoon naps.

Henry turned 2 on March 16th, but the Ngongaa Party was today, complete with over 12 children and 22 adults. Yippee for balls everywhere in our house! As a reminder, "ngongaa" was what Henry called any round object he could hold in his hands and throw. Now he uses "ngongaa" and "ball" interchangeably - an emotional linguistic development for all.

We had mixed emotions about throwing a party in Evansville where we knew most of our family couldn't make it (yippee for Bobbie, Mimi. Aunt Merness and Neenee!) but in the end decided most of Henry's friends his height were here...
So we missed all of you we love who couldn't be here and we'll just celebrate all over again when we see you.
And also today is Aunt Neda's birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEDA ALL THE WAY OVER THERE IN LONDON!!

So here are a few fun pics from the day, an incomplete assortment as there was about one camera per person at the party and I haven't collected copies from everyone.

Here are three photos of the chaos that extended into the backyard:

Sweet Wyatt in the pool of balls:

And Svea with her Mimi and a basketball balloon:

Instead of gifts, we asked everyone to write a wish to Henry for the beginning of his third year of life. Here are the wishes:

And here's Svea the night before swimming in the pool of balls:

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