Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sweet Eilidh

Henry and Svea have a sweet friend named Eilidh (pronounced AY-lee). She is Henry's play mate during church on Sundays since the pews get a little hard and the silence, a little tempting. So Henry and Eilidh run around outside until it's time for the yummy bread of communion.

Eilidh is also sweet on Svea and made her own little purple playdough doll and named it Svea after she was born. I hope they stay good friends since they both will have to spell and pronounce their names to every single person they meet the rest of their lives.

That's Wyatt in the background waiting for the girls to turn their attention to him. About thirty minutes after this photo was taken, he fell asleep sitting straight up in his stroller. I guess he got tired of waiting on them.

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