Monday, October 22, 2007

I Heart:

My kitty-cat sweater dress hand-me-down from Lydia. When I put it on, I say I'm "wearing my blanket." Cheeeesssse:

My recent thrift store finds: free stuffed clown from store employee, denim buttondown shirt, two stylin' clip-on ties. My soccer shorts and glitter pencil were both my additions later. I already had those. From all those other outfits I put together. On my own.

And, yes, I did have to take both ties to bed with me tonight. Just in case.

1 comment:

aunt merpha said...

so glad svea likes her blanket dress! lydia loved it too.
and omg - i can't WAIT to see how this all plays out in henry's adolescence and his choice of career. so great.