Monday, October 22, 2007

New Poll

I need to explain.

When Henry gets a new idea of something we all can do, it requires a wardrobe change (of course. This is nothing new). So we were going on a walk the other day and just MAY pass NEAR the high school football field which meant Henry needed 10 more minutes inside while Svea sat buckled in the stroller and Brian and I stood around and waited in the driveway.

After awhile Brian went in to check on Henry, and thanks to all that he has learned from the entire "Air Bud" movie series, he was packing his "athletic bag" with his football gear. He had his miniature zipper bag, a football, his helmet, and two knitted caps that he wears doubled up for padding since his helmet is too big. There's no way anyone could have gotten all of that "equipment" in the miniature bag. So he fit the football in halfway, tried to zip it, and then was going to carry everything else.
Except he kept dropping something the minute he picked up another something.

When Brian finally got to him, there were real tears flowing and he said, "I don't have three hands!"

Neither do we, honey.

What else do we say?


Leta said...

Funnily enough, Arwyn has said something similar about 3 hands. But packing the athletic bag is cracking me up. Isn't it crazy what they come up with sometimes?

Pops said...

I feel his pain. We don't have three hands so we won't have to do it all ourselves. Sometimes, it takes a village. Have fun tonight. Get be Sabra's autograph.

sam said...

if you had a third hand would it be in the center of your chest?

would it be righty or lefty or just have two contralateral thumbs?
personally i would put a third hand on my left shoulder to hold the phone.

Joyce said...

I'd be happy to give Henry a lesson on bilateral symmetry and limb development. Just let me know when.

Jamie Veasey said...

I just fell in love allll over again. WOW! And the puke story.. hahaha I love it! What a little man. I can NOT believe that Svea has gotten so big so fast. It seems like decades since I've seen them. I miss ya'll and will continue to see what's going on in your life through your blog. Have a wonderful weekend!