Friday, October 26, 2007


My sister and I did it.

We abandoned all maturity and any need for a certain reputation and we went to the live performance of So You Think You Can Dance in Nashville, TN this past Wednesday. No kids, no husbands, just us and the other crazy fans.

I've posted pictures here if you are at all inclined to see totally amazing talent and the thing that makes my whole summer worth sweating through.

If you have any questions about dancers, choreography, choreographers, costumes, etc. PLEASE let me know. I could talk for days about this. My husband is a little scared. And definitely worried. His obsessions are totally normal, of course. Go Saban. But mine are weird. Go Sabra.


Cuz said...

Nerds. :)

(Not really. I love that show!)

Brad said...

Does Sabra know anything about football? No, she doesn't. Does Sabra understand the 'Process'? Probably not. Does Sabra want to be a champion? She probably can't even spell champion. (I had to look it up myself) Well, COACH Saban knows a little about football, invented the 'Process', and is already a champion. I rest my case. Roll Tide! Beat Sabra!

kristen wo. said...

Hey, Mollie, this is Kristen (as in, recently engaged Kristen that you tried to make Henry say congrats to, but instead he said, "NO!")

I found this link off Brian's Facebook, and it made me really happy that someone else would gladly talk for days about dancers and choreographers and SYTYCD! I tried to teach myself that "Waiting on the World to Change" solo via YouTube, but I just couldn't rock it like Sabra (especially that scream!)

I, Mollie said...

So glad you understand the importance of SYTYCD in this world. Go Sabra.
Her "process" is way more complicated, intense and intricate than anything Saban could come up with, Brad.

Anonymous said...

We love SYTYCD! We are crazy about it. I am so jealous! Mia Michaels is my favorite!
- Sara Coleman Nowell