Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Tonight Svea dressed up as a giraffe, though no one could tell. They kept asking if she was a boy or a girl, then what is she?
Those people need to eat more candy, I think.

Henry dressed up like a penguin and waddled to about 2 houses then wanted to do something else. Like go home. And throw the baseball.

When we were practicing for trick-or-treating, we would ask Henry what you say when and he would say, "Trick or Treat!" at the door and "Thank you!" when he got candy.
When we practiced with Svea and asked her, "What do you say at the door?" she would reply "THIS is my diaper."
Then she would say thank you. Good thing she still got some candy.

Happy Halloween everyone!


John & Denise said...

Take the raisin on Dr. 90210 and have Dr. Rey remove the wrinkles, do a skin peel, and a special 'grape rejuvenation' specials.

That ALWAYS works. I watch WAY too much TV. -JM

Beth said...

Yay! So excited for some halloween pics! They look great. Can't WAIT to come it crazy that I look for flights maybe 3 times a week?!?!?!?

I, Mollie said...

John, Denise and Maggie - y'all are too much. I think your answer totally wins.

Beth - COME ON DOWN. Yesterday.