Monday, October 15, 2007

Kathryn Stamm, Future Olympian

We know a future Olympic gymnast. Do I capitalize "Olympic" there? I think so, and I'm going to because this is so important.

We have a friend here in Evansville who is only seven years old and she is an amazing gymnast.

She did a back walkover the other day just out of nowhere - like it was nothing - and Leta and I just stared at each other.

She not only is a great gymnast -- I have to add this information to illustrate her character dimensions. Her parents are both college professors and her sister is in the I-have-every-talent-because-I-am-two phase, so Kathryn in some ways is bound to be amazing and well-rounded...but some of it may be her own unique gifts. So Kathryn is not only a great gymnast, but she also helps a babysitter take care of about 7 other children each Sunday morning. She shares her markers and crayons and writes her name in cursive perfectly. I do believe that she corrects her parents on occasion. She is silly and sweet and Henry asks me if he'll get to see her every weekend at church.

Kathryn had her first big gymnastics meet a few weekends ago. She won EIGHT medals, and her hair did not even come down. In fact, I think it stayed like that for a week.

You can see by these shots (thank you, John, for these. I hear there were about 214 more taken?) what a fine gymnast she is.

Her younger sister had a very interesting take on the meet:

Kathryn is a very good reader and happens to read this HELLO KATHRYN!


Joyce said...

Awww, Mollie. That was so darn sweet. Kathryn beamed from ear to ear reading that. Thanks.

amber said...

wow, now that brings me back to the gymnastic days! i can tell just by looking at her how special she is...any young gymnast is a friend of mine. :) love this little bio of the future olympiad!

Elexis B. said...

Wow I knew Kathryn was a good gymnast but this is pretty amazing. Even though we don't get along (idk why i guess you have to ask her i've tried to be friends) I have to give her her props she is very intelligant and is multi talented.