Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What if...

What if you had spent this past weekend teaching Svea that her new favorite move of arching backwards is just like the "Titanic"?

Or tried to teach Svea and Henry to give a thumbs up and say, "Vurrry niiiize" in complete Borat style to everything in life?

Or read the same book over and over?

Or had deep, philosophical discussions during games of Living Room Tackle Football about who gets to be John Parker Wilson and who gets to be D.J. Hall?

Or made up the Swinging Upside Down Game that makes Svea squeal in delight, "Look at me Mama! Look at me Daddy!"?

Or what if you had broken up your day into the following increments:
40% scientific approach to all of college football including all teams, their coaches, player patterns and school histories
40% dedicated to programming the DVR and then switching between all of the games to make sure no play is missed
1% committed to calling the cable company to complain about a Notre Dame game black out
10% of further research on the art of homebrew, including sampling
4.5% engaged in Living Room Tackle Football with Henry
and finally
4.5% getting tackled by Svea wearing only a diaper?

What if you spent your weekend that way?

Well then you would have had a special treat Uncle Brad weekend too.


John & Denise said...

I think you're doing a huge disservice to Henry, not mentioning the stickerfootballhelmet, pajamas, shin guards, tennis shoes outfit in the "Swinging Svea" picture. I mean, seriously, how much more does poor kid have to do to get your attention?

Just a concerned parent.

John M.

I, Mollie said...

John and Denise,
You bring up an excellent point. I must admit that the outfit Henry chose for that 10 minute increment of the day is not actually unusual and my eye did not initially catch what creative thought and effort went in to his "uniform." Thank you for bringing it up.
He is quite creative in his protective gear choices and finds use in equipment usually assigned to other sports. We are hoping he puts this multi-use attitude towards things like, say, learning letters and numbers.
We'll keep you posted.
Hug Maggie for us.