Thursday, October 04, 2007

Svea Quotes, Henry Questions

The days have been full this week and we are all a little hoarse by the end of it all. Some of us from asking questions, others from deferring answers.

For example, while tying the sash around Svea's waist the other morning, she looked down and exclaimed, "I'm a present!"

Last night at dinner, we were having spaghetti and Svea squeezed a noodle and flopped it around and said, "Look! It's a worm!"
Then she threw the noodle on the ground and yelled, "Fly, worm, fly!"

Here they are singing a duet while standing on the couch (usually not allowed) to the "Letter Factory":

Henry just asked me, "If I played tackle football with Winnie the Pooh, would he let me tackle him?"

He also asked me today at my annual visit to the OB, "Mommy, what's a uterus?"
(Later in the visit, he pointed to a nurse's stomach - a nurse who was wearing a very tight t-shirt and maybe should have gone up a size - and said, "Look, Mom. A baaaaaabbbbyyyyyy." I was so embarrassed. This lady was NOT pregnant).

Henry also introduced Svea the other day by saying, "This is my sister and she has a vagina. She also has a hole where poo-poo comes out."
I was speechless. He was using all the words he was taught, especially from Once Upon a Potty. How can I argue when I have created this monster?

Svea has been singing a lot, mostly when left alone in a room and mostly with made-up words. It's my most favorite sound.
Along with Henry remembering as he is halfway up the stairs that he forgot to kiss me and tell me that he loves me.

Redemption comes in all forms, I tell ya.

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aunt amber said...

it's posts like these that make me really excited to one day have a little cousin for your sweeties to play with... :)