Monday, January 21, 2008

"Annie, Are You Okay..."

Henry and Svea have been a big help lately.
Well, Henry mostly.

For instance, I moved a bunch of our indoor plants to the guest room as it gets the best winter light. The guest room happens to be right across the hall from Henry's room. And Henry just so happens to be secretly skipping nap/rest time lately. Apparently, the other day he moseyed into the guest room and noticed that the geranium did not have leaves like the basil and kalanchoe did. Maybe because the geranium was dead.
Being the loving and harmony-seeking toddler that he is, he righted this wrong by pulling leaves off other plants to put them on the bare ones. Sharing, he called it.

In another nap-skippage afternoon, Henry found a bit of old wallpaper peeling on the wall outside of his room. Now what toddler can just walk by peeling wallpaper and not helpfully just peel that strip off? And leave it on the floor? Not one, I tell you. Well, not one in this house. This saga continues...

It snowed a few days ago, but now the snow has iced over so no snowballs can be made or thrown. So why not make snow in the house? At 8:30 the other night, Henry found a roll of toilet paper and did just that. All over the living room.

Most of the day, it's just too cold to go outside. And even though Henry makes "snow" in the house, it's the best decision to stay in. By 3pm, I'm about out of activities. My friend Stacy is always thinking up creative ideas, but we are lacking big stuffed animals that our Daddy won at a fair, so we had to resort to Papa J's old hats and telescopes.

We should have turned on some Michael Jackson.

my little smooth criminal...


Anonymous said...

Ha! My "creative ideas" are more like acts of desperation. What you don't see in the picture on my blog is me crawling on all 4's imitating various animals we might see on a safari! Staying indoors makes you lose brain cells after a while!
:) SB

pops said...

I think you need Aretha Franklin more than Michael. Put on the "Freeway of Love" and you will be dancin' like crazy. It is for real, drop butt music.