Friday, January 04, 2008

Re: e-Love letters, Freebasing, and Where Did These Kids Come From?

In another ode to Dooce, I was inspired by her post about her version of the modern love letter on her blog.

It got me thinking (in this season of iHusband's and my anniversary and the holidays) about the many forms love letters iHusband and I have written/typed to each other and which ones have survived. So I asked him to print out his "love letter" file, the one he keeps on his computer of our important emails to each other. Most of them occurred in 2001, were over-thought, over-edited, and have hilarious subject titles.

I'm still working through the stack, but have started a list of some of the funny subject titles like:

MJ: Have you got Napster?
BE: I have Napster, that sounds like a disease.
MJ: Napster ain't no disease, Jesus likes it.

And the emails that followed those subject lines of course had nothing at all to do with the titles.

There were also the loving captions:

MJ: When it rains, it's God crying from something you did.
BE: You're different, and that's bad.

BIG love, people. BIG.

Not to leave out any favorite musical artists, Brian reminded me that:
Run DMC Stages a Comeback Effort; Records Soundtrack to Latest Disney Movie, "Freebasing in Traffic"

(Svea learning to spell out Run DMC in Scrabble pieces)

One of my favorites was from an email from Brian entitled, "Inhaling lead-based paint chips" and included this story:
"'It's like the never-ending story, but without the big shaggy dog.' I said that to one of the [college] students today and he responded, 'Oh, you mean Falkor?' Not talking to that kid anymore."
So a few emails later, my title was:
"I'm naming my next dog Falkor."
to which he countered:
"Falkor. That's why you can't have a dog."

In one attempt to be romantic, Brian wrote:
"I ran by the library on the way home and checked out the DVD "Parasites and You: What's Eating at You Really Might Be" starring Danny DeVito. We can watch that sometime."

Funny, we never did.

So how did we actually end up together, in love and married and all that?
Seriously, we ask that question.
It's amazing how events have unrolled and embraced us...and now with these two children we are in charge of. Somedays it's laughable, really.

We've come a long way from those silly emails - we thought we were so full of wit.

Now we are full of plastic toys, music from "Mary Poppins" and new molars popping through. Maybe that should be the title of my next email to Brian instead of "Just WHEN did you say you were coming home?"

(Thanks to Don, Heidi, for those last two photos of Henry and Svea)


Joyce said...

Wow. You guys were.... strange. Cute, but definitely strange :)

I, Mollie said...

Cute and strange...meaning you'll still hang out with us?

Joyce said...

Oh you know, birds of a feather and all that. At least the strange part.

leta joy said...

Wow, this brought back some memories of our dating & flirting days. Not sure I'd be brave enough to share our e-mails. I vaguely remember calling B a jackass an awful lot. In a completely loving way, of course.

I, Mollie said...

Jackass is definitely a term of endearment in our house.

natalie said...

OK, now I feel old...Jon and I dated before there was e-mail!

I, Mollie said...

Natalie! You and Jon are so old! Iove it! What do your love letters look like? Digital? Paper? pictures?