Friday, January 04, 2008

Betrayed, indeed.

It is no secret in our house that I have never been a Dog Person. This is a perpetual issue for me, one that I work on in intervals and one in which I have met great criticism and judgement from other animal lovers who don't live in this house. In our house, though, there are four humans and three of those love dogs. I love cats. Not that those two are mutually exclusive.

So far, all four humans love writing, words, reading, etc.
My favorite blog writer is Dooce, who Svea calls Juice. Dooce has a dog named Chuck who she takes pictures of daily. She also sells a calendar of Chuck and his antics. Svea loves Chuck. And yesterday, wanted to climb on my desk and scroll through pictures of him.

Recently Dooce wrote a post about how Chuck loved her best friend more than his owner.

Svea may be headed that way too.

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mer said...

man, I was so nervous with the title of this one since Dooce got a new puppy for Christmas - are you ready?