Friday, January 25, 2008

Things We're Lovin' Around Here

When Svea needs a tissue for her runny nose and she says, "I need a tennis shoe, Mama."
Confusing just the first few times.

When I get to ride the carousel with both children:

When Henry wonders if he really does look like Bert on Mary Poppins and if this horse will come off of the circle. And how those horses behind us on the carousel will never ever ever catch up with us:

When Henry sits cross-legged on the floor and says his legs look like a pretzel. And that he also would like a pretzel to eat right now. Please.

When there are too many children at the indoor playground and Svea takes a break in the helicopter tunnel:

And Henry retreats to some puzzles mounted on the wall:

When Henry stands and crosses his legs at the knees and is delighted EVERY TIME that he has made the letter X with his legs.

When Svea gets a turn on the slide:

When we walk by Hollister & Co. and both kids start boogying DOWN to their too-loud teenage music:

Good times all around.

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pops said...

What a handsome young man. And get that girl a tennis shoe. love you.