Thursday, January 17, 2008

They've Had Us In Stitches

There has been a lack of poll-worthy questions in our house as of late.

I think maybe Henry has entered the adolescent phase of toddlerhood when he truly thinks he knows more than I do. And in all his wisdom, he is teaching Svea how to act this way too.

Instead of questions, there are now demands. Such as, "Mommy, when I stand on the arm of the chair, YOU say, 'Henry, how did you get so tall?'"


"No, Mama, I really do NOT need a time-out for hitting my sister."

and when the time-out happened anyway, he yelled at me from the stairs, "Mommy! I'm going to put you in the washing machine!"

I have no idea where that came from. I swear I have never said that to him. Though I am suspicious that it derived from a phrase Uncle Brad said to Henry when they were playing checkers over Christmas...apparently, Uncle Brad told Henry, "If you move that helmet (since it's the football checkers game where the playing pieces are red and white helmets), I'm going to put your head in the potty!"
Thank you, Uncle Brad. Again, we are moving to supervised visits.

Svea is still walking room to room, putting her babies or Dora dolls to sleep in various scenarios. She'll usually kiss them and say, "I love you" but sometimes she'll lean close to their faces and growl (like she does when pretending to be a lion or dinosaur) and say, "You have to LISTEN to your Mommy. You are going to TIME OUT."

Last night, Henry was walking from the living room to the kitchen with his eyes closed. Then he got mad that he couldn't see where he was going. I was about to laugh, when I realized, that may be how a lot of us walk around.

Henry, because he must act out everything he sees, has been trying to re-enact Dick Van Dyke as the One Man Band at the beginning of Mary Poppins. Some of the make-shift instruments included maracas in the back pockets for the hip shaking:

as well as a tambourine in the pants (don't judge) and a bandana around the harmonica. He held the cymbals in his hands.

Meanwhile, Svea became Princess Penelope (her favorite princess, I guess) with the hand towels that Aunt Merpha made for us.

I scanned in Henry and Svea's artwork, she printed them onto towels and then hand-sewed their names on the bottom. Awesome. Especially for princesses.


dana dane said...

You are awesome. I love you and your family and your cool, funny, learning and growing children!

I, Mollie said...

Dana Dane - how we have missed you! Thinking of you down south...we love you.

Neda said...

I am seriously laughing out loud, especially at the tambourine in the pants (don't judge) part.

I, Mollie said...

Neda! When are you coming to witness this circus in person? We miss you!