Friday, January 18, 2008

The Snow

So it snowed.
We live in Indiana which means the g-rents call us Yankees. Because the Civil War just ended, and all.

So it snowed and Henry was all, "I've lived here 3 years and like, whatever" (did I mention the whole adolescent phase we are in?). This year was actually the very first time he would even WALK in the snow without a complete meltdown. I totally credit Bobbie for this success because she read Calvin and Hobbes cartoons to him over Christmas and that was all he talked about while throwing snowballs KA-POW against the fence:

But I get ahead of we are after 17 minutes of layering:

Then we walked to the backyard and Henry was all, "Dude, look at my footprints."

And Svea was all, "OMG - look I made them too."

And then Svea asked me to make her a snowball. I think because her fingers wouldn't fit all the way into the fingerholes of her gloves and it was a bit disconcerting for her. So I packed one for her and put it in her clenched palms.
And she held it.
I coaxed and coaxed to get her to throw it against the fence and yell KA-POW but the child seriously looked up at me with her lamb-like eyelashes and said, "I'm saving it for my Daddy."

So of course I had to take off MY gloves and call Brian, all shivering in the backyard, and tell him his daughter was saving him a snowball and it was 4:30 already so come on home.

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bp said...

This is hilarious. And I raise my martini glass to you after a day of 30 minutes of dressing, 6 minutes in the actual snow, 37 minutes of trying to get the snowsuit OFF. Law just stands there and holds the water hose- Henry gives me hope. How I wish the kids could yell KA-POW together! love you!