Saturday, March 22, 2008

Basketball. Sort of.

Henry woke up in a basketball mood today.
And he asked for some basketball goals, though he already has two, and I don't have the mad woodworking skills his Daddy does.

So we glued and drew and taped this together. The yellow team is the Ha-choe Team. Their mascot is Growbie the Bear, of course.

He even let Svea play. As long as she did it RIGHT.

He did end up taking away the one player she was allowed to hold, so she just got up and found Dora and played with her in another room.

Henry's big brother skills have really piqued this week. One night, I heard Henry ask Svea, "Are you ready for your special treat?"
So she says, "YES!"
Henry then got up from his chair and went over and spit in her hair.
I swear, he skipped Childhood and went straight to Adolescence.

After nap today, he also drank all of her apple juice, then went and sat in his chair and started to drink his. What?
That's what I get for making their snacks ahead of time before Svea's even up from her nap.

Just now, while writing this post, Svea went to use the potty and Henry went with her. He lay on the floor by her and began a discussion of what noises are good to make when going to the potty.

I wish Brian and I were going on a date tonight.

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Babs said...

Go on a date anyway. They can take care of themselves. Their potty trained, right?