Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wabi-Sabi 2: Denise


Meet Denise.

"An Old Wheel"

This old wheel was attached to a tree. It was an odd sight and I could not ever find out what its purpose was for hanging on that tree. But I was struck by the beautiful colors found on this old wheel.

"A Shedding Tree"

I recently preached on Lazarus, and this tree shouted at me to take its picture. Maybe it is because I see a face in the tree. Maybe its because when I saw this face, and the shedding around it, I heard Jesus shout, "Lazarus, Come out!"

"Rust on Stairs"

Just an old stairway with a beautiful rust design on it. As the paint on the stairs chips away, the rust seems to be the more natural color underneath it....what it should be....but someone keeps trying to paint over it.

Comments and Voting begin now...


ellieandavasmommy said...

I was torn on which to vote on in this one. I love the picture of the old wheel, but I love the truth of the words behind the is what it should be.

amber said...

i was torn on these, too...they are all very good photos. i love the contrast of colors and light/darkness on the wheel...and i really love the detail and texture of the shedding tree...she looks so vulnerable and exposed. there is something very moving about this photo.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's hard to pick between these. In the end, the rolled up bark on the tree does it for me so that was my vote. What a great close-up shot that shows amazing detail. But I think the colors and simplicity of all your shots makes them each very interesting.

{B} said...

All beautiful shots! I do was also torn between the wheel and the stairs...The light and the color of the stairs is just beautiful! I especially loved how you also included the stair rails going up, it adds a lot of detail.
The tree was also very cool...I have never noticed a tree doing this!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, Denise! I loved all of these, but particularly love the tree - so many layers and details. Loved them all.

Anonymous said...

I love the different textures and colors in the tree. It looks soft but strong at the same time. All of your photos are very interesting.


Anonymous said...

I like the tire the best. the others are cool, but there is something really special about the age of the tire (clearly it is old) and the fact it looks like it has had a hard life before it got hung on that tree.

You are the most amazing and talented person I know. . . and you're hot.

Completely impartial though.

yourHusband (not to be confused with iHusband)

iHusband said...

I had a hard time between the wheel and the Lazarus tree.

I love the shadows on the wheel, but the change in focus from the background to the highly textured foreground of the tree had me at "Hello."

I also love the lines on the stairs pic, the way the human-formed angles are straight and mechanical, and the peeling of the paint is very random (although someone like Amber could probably explain the pattern exactly. Science nerds unite...).

So in conclusion, while not Your Husband, I likewise send effusive praise your way for your mad skillz with the kameraz.

the ruffhouse said...

Love how you filled the frame with the tractor tire rim. And the angle on the wood is great. Nice lines with the stairs.

bp said...

I love all the colors on the wheel and find it hard to believe it was one day all one color and most likely shiny. makes me wonder how much time it took to get it to it's present day beauty.