Friday, March 21, 2008

Feeling Proud

There are not many four-year-olds who can walk up to their Daddy, while wearing jersey and helmet of course, and ask for a football goal, and the Dad can actually shrug and say, "Uh, okay."
Then twenty minutes later, there it is.

If football is ubiquitous, and PLAYING it is inevitable, then I am so pushing the punter position. Anything with minimal contact.

I'm afraid big dreams are starting early around here.

(I realize that it's baseball season, but today happened to be a football day in our home. And I also realize that I am low on Svea Pictures today but that is only because she is moving so fast lately and I am using my hands to retrieve her from dangerous heights instead of snapping her photo. More soon)

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Babs said...

oh my god. i hear you can insure body parts with Lloyd's of London.