Thursday, March 13, 2008

Drawing Time Today

For one of the first times in recent memory, Henry initiated a drawing project. He wanted to draw a shark and a whale. We got as far as the shark:

Henry: (scratching his head) How did I get so gooooood? And how do I open this shark's mouth?
(He did all the drawing except the tail, which he instructed me how to do and where). This shark is grumpy and about to eat an angel fish, apparently.

Svea is in a new phase of sarcasm and defiance (HOW is that so possible at 2.5 years?) and she has tried to break toys, take others' toys and talk back to me all day. I'm tired tonight.

When it was time to draw all she would do is circles and dots and call them, "Smaaaaasssshhhhhh."
She also would not wear any pants.

I have no idea.


A.M. said...

that shark is amazing - he's a prodigy artist, I think. I tell ya, a couple of months before and once we hit 3 with Lydia, it was exhausting and very trying for a while...but it gets better. can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

Babs said...

GREAT shark. Wow. Go Henry!

Leta said...

I can't believe he never draws and when he does it looks like that! A still scribbles all over everything and sometimes throws in a smiley face. Yay for drawing time!

carroll lane said...

How did Svea and Lillianna have the exact same day? I don't recall them calling eachother on the phone to plan it. Being two is tough.