Saturday, March 22, 2008

Creativity Workshop

This morning, I pulled out all supplies that can be labelled as "craft" or that stay still long enough to be glued, taped or stapled to a poster board, and put them on the dining room table.

Then ten friends came over and we dedicated 2 hours to layers, assemblage and collage.

There were very few rules, there was a lot of tape and glue stealing...or sharing I guess it was, there was music, tea, goodies and laughing with and at each other. What a good time!

What a good way to clear out left over papers and markers and paint and end up with such different art.

I didn't actually ask permission to put these up on the blog, so I won't name whose is whose. In addition, some of these are blurry and don't show all the textures and mosaic tiles, etc., but here is the first draft, the first layer, of everyone's piece:

There was some resistance at the beginning, along with excitement I think, but at the end I'm pretty sure everyone came around and felt really good about it. It's the process we were after, not the product, even though those did turn out nicely.


joyce said...

Wow. Those look really good, and even better if you zoom in on the pictures. What a talented bunch! ;)

Babs said...

dang. wish i would've come! it looks like such fun.

whitney said...

How awesome! crEaTivE folks! Love it :)

I, Mollie said...

It was (and is) such a talented and creative bunch!