Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wabi-Sabi 15 - Final Day

One of my hopes for this on-line workshop was not only to push people to view their daily lives differently through the lens of a camera, but also to connect ways of seeing across the globe. The wabi-sabi concept is a personal favorite of mine, and was not meant to be limiting. It was meant to set parameters allowing you to get started on your photo taking, to get you over that "photographer's block" if you had one.

Some people took this idea and concept very seriously. Others, not so much. These "others" I speak of were not necessarily INVITED to be a part of the workshop, yet they sent me photos anyway. I am mostly referring to the Other Parent who lives in my house (who happens to be a very good photographer).
Luckily I have some thoughtful friends who also sent me photos, though were not official participants in the workshop.

I'd like to have a day in this Critique to celebrate all of us learning to view our days and our environments differently, some with humor, some with longing, some with joy.

Here is the free-for-all extras from the past month:

The vines working their way up, trying to get into the bedroom window.

A watercolor palette:

Favorite Time of Day:

Babs' shot of Svea and Suzana's budding friendship:

Another shot by Babs:

Celebrating Spring?

On to the humor...

And, of course:

Thank you ALL of you for being a part of this workshop!


amber said...

molls, i think this workshop was wonderful...so creative...and exactly what i needed to inspire me to open my eyes differently and to capture the stories around me. i hope this will lead to many other workshops. thank you for putting so much effort into this and helping us to get in touch with one of the best sides of ourselves. love love love you.

bp said...

here here, Mollie lane!!!! Thanks for all the time and energy, and for waking up so many sleeping pieces in us all. you are amazing, and I'm so thankful that you choose to share that with the world. love you,