Monday, September 01, 2008

Catching Up

We've been busy around here, these final weeks of August, so I have some catch-up pictures to post.

First, THANK YOU to all of you haiku-ers out there who participated in Hurry Up and Haiku. I still have a few submissions trickling in that I may post here and there. This may never end...

In the meantime, Henry and Svea have been very busy stacking toys, rearranging things in rooms, going to Otters baseball games, riding carousels, etc.

The other day I walked past Svea's Workshop (which is the lowest shelf on our wedding cake stand iron sculpture my brother made) and saw some weird arrangement of toys.

Svea routinely packs up her Little Things in various combinations in various backpacks (usually a Dora backpack) and then rearranges the Little Things into a party formation, gets bored or distracted, then walks away. Then I walk in. It's full entertainment around here. Especially when Jesus is preaching to the masses.

Henry is still committed to getting something new, in the form of a Special Treat, every single day. Shopping for school supplies was the best for him because we had to go to no fewer than 5 stores to get them all and he needed a Special Treat at every store.

The kind of construction paper that his 4-year-old class required could only be found at Hobby Lobby (not Target, Wal-Mart, Big Lots or The Dollar Store). At Hobby Lobby he picked out a set of football appetizer toothpicks. I feared buying these thinking I should just throw my seventy-five cents straight into that parking lot trash can or that they would become lodged in Svea's eyes or ears.
I was wrong.

He has been so careful and creative with them and a week and a half later, is still loving them.

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