Thursday, September 11, 2008

Overheard This Week

That's glue, honey, so we don't put that on our lips"
(Brian to Svea about a glue stick. Which does kinda resemble her new glitter princess tubes of gloss)

Omigosh, if I was anything like that person I would never admit it.
(I'm not sure which National Convention that was during)

Will you just come over here and lift my butt up?
(someone actually asked that of the yoga instructor during a class)

I don't want to say the blessing, I just want to make a wish.

I think the Florida Gators are going to beat the Florida Cinnamon Rolls.

It feels so GOOD to NOT be freaking out. You should try it.
(Right on.)


bp said...

these are so awesome. that one picture of Henry smirking with the is MOLLIE LANE, I tell you. I love how much you can see both and and Brian in these wonderful amazing creative little people.

I will be laughing about the yoga butt comment for awhile. seriously?

bp said...

smirking with the CUP, is Mollie Lane. sorry, I am still tickled at all these quotes.

I, Mollie said...

yes, bp, seriously someone said that. and meant it.