Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Otters Game, Altoids and Lipstick

We got to go to two Otters games in 8 days. it was hot, but entertaining, and we lasted 4 whole innings both times. The first time, Svea wanted to go through my purse while Brian took Henry to get Sprites.

After she swallowed 3 Altoids in a row like they were vitamins, I took them away.

Then she got to the lipstick, which entertained her for a full 25 minutes. She tried each one, 89 times. I'm just glad I'm fresh out of the Revlon All Day.


Babs said...

Love the blue eye shot of you and her. And, Calvin's mouth looked EXACTLY like that last evening when he found some of Grandma's lipstick. At the funeral dinner, he was applying dip to his face with a baby carrot. Should I be worried?

Anonymous said...

You and Svea eye's are the same color. whoa. pops