Thursday, September 11, 2008

'Member That Time...

I have been finding scraps of paper, trash and notebook pages with phrases Henry and Svea have said in the past few months. I must have jotted them down in my laughter or tears thinking they were blog-worthy and wanting to get them posted. Months later, here I am.

So in a notebook in the car buried under cashew crumbs and cranberry pieces that I found today, I recorded these conversations:

Henry: Mom, will Papa be there when we get to his house?
Me: Yes, he will be there.
Henry: Oh, Mom!! Papa makes me so ridiculous!

Svea: (while eating the curved kind of pretzels in the car bites off one ofthe curves so it looks like the letter "P") Mom! Look it's the letter "P"!
Me: That's great, Svea. What sound does the letter "P" make?
Svea: (thinks for a while). Chocolate.
Me: Definitely.

Then on an old photo case, I wrote:

Henry: Mom, if you say that again I'll show my scary muscles.

I am realizing more and more that I move at the pace of efficiency, while Henry and Svea move at the pace of discovery. Discovery usually takes a lot longer than what I consider to be efficient, so this has been a learning curve. There are many times in the day when nothing is pressing our schedule and I still want them to hurry up already. Hence, the Rotten Egg Game to get them to get in their car seats and buckle up.
Usually Henry wins.
When he doesn't, we try to celebrate second (or third) place.
He trumped all of that the other day to inform me, as he was losing, that he was NOT the rotten egg because THIS WAS NOT A RACE.

Okay then.

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ella ellis said...

no, life is not a race. our adult brains have surely forgotten how nice leisurely living can be.